Tektronix WVR5000 Multi-format Waveform Rasterizer OPT: SD HD DG Audio WVR 5000
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For sale is ONE (1) used Tektronix waveform rasterizer. Very good condition. HD is a standard in WVR5000 series. LCD monitor is not included (showed for reference only). Actual photos are showed. Unit does NOT come with a power supply (tested with a bench test PS, 12V, XLR 4 pin plug.). Licenses are: SD: Standard Definition SDI Input, HD: High Definition SDI Input & DG: Digital Audio Input.

The WVR5000 Multi-Standard Multi-Format Waveform Rasterizer from Tektronix is a solution designed to provide basic audio and video monitoring support. It is housed in a 1RU half-rack chassis. This model supports SD-SDI (ITU-R BT.601) and HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M).

This unit offers sharp CRT-like traces, patented gamut displays, picture thumbnails, display freeze, and an error log for 10,000 events. Its user interface features backlit buttons and online help. Commonly used configurations can be programmed and recalled at will with the units (32) presets. These preset configurations can even be transferred between units using the devices front-panel USB port.

  • Use this unit to monitor HD/SD-SDI signals.
  • Patented Gamut Displays Facilitate Compliance Verification
  • TandemVu Display for Efficient Camera Adjustments
  • Error Log for 10,000 Events Simplifies Error Correction Tasks
  • Fully Digital Processing for Accurate, Repeatable, Drift-free Operation
  • Equipped Standard with Monitoring Capacity for 16 Channels of Embedded Audio (up to 8 Simultaneously) and 1 AES Audio Input
  • 32 User-configurable Presets for Quick Recall of Commonly Used Configurations
  • High-resolution DVI-I Output for Crisp, Easy-to-Read Displays

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