New Telex TR-80N UHF Beltpack Wireless Intercom Band: A4 A4M
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New, open box item. Comes with two antennas, battery pack case, clip and instructions. It is an open box so It might have some minor, barely visible scratches.

The Telex TR-80N 2-Channel UHF Transceiver (A4M Telex) is a 2-channel UHF frequency-agile wireless beltpack for use with the BTR-800. The unit features a durable met-cast magnesium case, an LCD based graphical user interface, and stage announce activation.

The TR-80N is designed with several advanced technology functions, including wireless talk around(ISO) activation, patented Enhanced ClearScan channel search, detachable antennas, and an auto-sensing headset connector that automatically switches between electret and dynamic headset mics.

  • Rugged all-metal wireless UHF beltpack with detachable, color coded 1/4 Wave antennas on stud type connectors
  • Band A4: 518-536MHz Receive/668-686MHz Transmit
  • Cast magnesium construction for increased durability, lighter weight
  • Huge selection of UHF frequencies in 18 MHz operational bands, 24 factory preset groups
  • 1000' line-of-sight range, AA or NiMH rechargeable battery operation with up to 12 hours of continuous battery life
  • Proprietary Intelligent Power Control decreases output power of beltpack in closer proximity to Base Station by 10 dB, eliminates Base Station front-end overload and desensing
  • Automatic dynamic or electret mic type detection
  • On/Off Volume control knob, talk button with latching function with easy top panel access
  • Top panel Battery/Overmodulation and Talk LED lights
  • Improved narrow band wireless provides 25kHz of modulated bandwidth, allowing more users per channel in the cramped UHF spectrum
  • Menu and Set, Up and Down rear panel parameter and navigation buttons with LCD display for simplified control

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