New Grass Valley GV GVG-FR4 Node Kaleido (6) KMX-4911 Multiviewer, IP, Routing
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For sale is ONE (1) new GVG Node IP aggregation, processing, and edge routing platform in new condition. We have a few units for sale (1 per listing price). The price includes all new in box GVG-4FR Node frame with IFM-2T (Internal fabric module with 2 Tb switching capacity. For use with GV Node) with IFM-2T-OPT-40G-6 License to enable SMPTE 2022-6 support on Internal Fabric Module 40GigE aggregation ports + IFM-2T-RP1 Internal fabric module rear panel with 40 GigE aggregation ports and Densite 3+ CPU-ETH3-RP-ADV controllers. Cards included are KMX-4911-9X2 (9x2 scalable Kaleido multiviewer for GV Node (SD/HD/3G SDI). Provides up to 9 PIPs over 2 displays, or 4 display when used with appropriate rear panel) with KMX-4911-18X4-4DRP backplanes (Dual rear panel. Required for expanding two KMX-4911 or KMX-4921 cards to 18x1, 18x2 or 18x4 multiviewer to provide up to 18 PIPs over 1, 2 or 4 displays. Multiviewer SDI, HDMI or fiber outputs from the rear panel require SFP selection (optional)). Each card includes these optional licenses: KMX-4911-OPT-SCTE - License for extraction of SCTE-104 metadata for KMX-4911 (1/card), KMX-4911-OPT-ROT - Output rotation license for portrait display orientation (1/card), KMX-49N1-OPT-LOUD - Loudness level measurement license for KMX-4911 or KMX-4921. (1/card). You will also get additional (3) KMX-4911-18X4-4DRP backplanes.

The KMX-4911 multiviewer modules are part of the GV Node IP aggregation, processing, and edge routing platform, designed for live broadcast production. Each KMX-4911 card can display up to nine SMPTE ST 2022-6, 3Gbps, HD, or SD inputs in up to nine video windows across one or two high-resolution outputs. Combine up to four KMX-4911 cards, to configure a dual- or quad-output system supporting up to 36 inputs.

Housed in a GV Node frame, a KMX-4911 multiviewer system in its default configuration includes a number of layout presets. The default output head resolution is 1920×1080i @ 60 Hz. A single 4 RU GV Node frame can hold up to 16 KMX-4911 multiviewer cards, which can be combined into anything from 16 separate 9×2 multiviewer systems, to 4 expanded 36×4 multiviewers. The KMX-4911 is ideal for production monitoring in trucks. It integrates tightly with other Densité signal processing cards, routers and production switchers. KMX-4911 systems are available in the following sizes: 9×1, 9×2, 18×2, 18×4, 27×2, 27×4, 36×2 and 36×4.

  • Provides vertically accurate switching and IP aggregation of up to 144x144 SDI or IP video signals
  • Quiet audio switching of 4608x4608 audio channels (2304x2304 for local and 2304x2304 for aggregation)
  • Embedding and de-embedding of AES67 audio
  • Highly distributed topology, based on “spine-leaf” architecture that’s typical of modern IT infrastructures
  • Industry proven built-in Kaleido multiviewer for high-quality picture and graphics monitoring
  • 1 TB of IP bandwidth for signal aggregation
  • Compatible with the large installed base of Densité signal processing modules for production in a box
  • High level of functional integration across IP switching, IP/SDI gateway, audio processing and multiviewing
  • Support for the suite of SMPTE ST 2110 and 2022-6 and TICO compression (4K UHD-capable, scalable to 8K x 8K with one hop).
  • Functional integration provides superior performance delivering reduced delay, fewer components and a better user experience
  • Processes asynchronous and isochronous signals, as well as signals from a WAN or software source with high jitter rates for clean switching

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