Wheatstone Audioarts E-6 24CH Evolution 6 Radio Audio Console Surface + PSU-1
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For sale is ONE (1) used E6 Evolution audio console - by Wheatstone. Excellent condition. PSU-1 power supply is included along with link cable. Power supply is missing a fuse, all units came without a fuse for protection. We have listed all processing and networking gear separately for this unit. The auction includes a console and a power supply with link cable only. Good working condition with some minor scratches/scuffs. Actual photos are showed. Power cords are not included unless mentioned in the description. Freight shipping applies.

The E-6, the top of the line Wheatstone control surface, provides power and functionality for any radio on-air or production requirement, whether fast-action news, talk, and network origination, or major market music. The E-6 is also designed from the ground up for mixing surround sound for radio (or even TV). Its master panel provides comprehensive control of module functionality as well as monitoring and talkback for two studios. A popular feature is Vorsis-quality EQ, filtering, and dynamics processing on every fader!

The E-6 is also ideal for smaller market facilities, news and voice tracking booths, production rooms where the primary focus is on the digital workstation, and even major-market strictly-music operations.The E-6 surface provides extensive functionality for telephone talk and news formats, with four console-wide mix-minus busses as well as a dedicated mix-minus output from each channel with a talkback button right above the fader. E-6 surfaces can be intermixed with all other surfaces in the same system, such as our LX-24, L-8, E-1, Sideboard or our Talent Stations. All surfaces include event save and recall. Set events for the morning show, normal programming, special events, remotes, weekly shows, whatever you desire. Easily recall the event to completely reconfigure the console: sources, bus assignments, and settings. Set levels of access so that the more experienced operators can accomplish even the most complex tasks, while keeping the part-time weekend op out of trouble.

  • Touchpad for control of functions on the VGA monitor
  • Dynamics, EQ, high- and low-pass filtering on every fader
  • No running PC required
  • 4 mix output busses
  • Individual fader mix-minus w/ talkback
  • User privilege w/ passwords
  • Control of source select, pan, mix-minus assign, and AUX 1-4 send level from the master panel – accessed by the SET switch on each input channel strip
  • Works with the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network

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