Ross open gear NWE-3GA 3G/HD/SD Nielsen Watermarks Encoder 8252AR-001-04
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For sale is ONE (1) used open gear Ross Nielsen encoder card. Card comes with its corresponding backplane. We have a few boards for sale, one is included per auction.

The NWE-3GA is the ideal solution for inserting Nielsen® Watermarks into the audio for television programming. The timestamp structured watermarks make use of the SID (Source Identifier), which is a serial number used by Nielsen® and the television industry to uniquely identify program content, to ensure proper crediting of viewing.

The NWE-3GA accepts an SDI input (3 Gb/s, 1.5 Gb/s, or 270 Mb/s) and 4 AES3 digital audio inputs. It applies the watermark to up to 16 PCM audio channels selected from the 16 embedded and 8 AES channels. Embedded audio signals that are watermarked are re-embedded into the same location in the SDI output. AES audio signals that are watermarked are re-encoded into the same AES output.

The module can be configured to support a variety of audio configurations, from a single stereo pair up to two 5.1 surround groups plus two stereo pairs. The NWE-3GA includes a video frame delay to ensure proper audio-video synchronization. The companion rear connector module provides relay bypass of the video and AES signals, allowing the NWE-3GA module to be inserted or extracted without interrupting the program path.

  • 3GHz video path with bypass relay protection
  • Handles all popular SD and HD video formats, up to 1080p/59.97
  • 4 AES3 paths with bypass relay protection
  • Transparent to VANC and HVANC data
  • Both video and audio are delayed by one video frame time (two frames for 59.97Hz progressive formats)
  • Up to 5 NWE-3GA modules can be installed in a single 2RU frame; alternatively, 1 NWE-3GA can be installed with up to 16 other cards
  • RS232 port for external / automation control and monitoring
  • DashBoard control with selectable alarming on video, audio and time inputs

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