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Evertz EQX26-FR 576x576 3G/HD/SD Router + (2) PS racks EQX IP18-3G OP18-3G OP36
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For sale is ONE (1) used EQX26-FR Router in excellent condition. Guaranteed to be in working condition. If you need any control panels - please contact us, Actual photos are showed. Router comes with a dual power supplies racks (not photographed). Each 1RU power supply has 4 modules. Link cables are included. Router has 468 inputs and 792 outputs (see photos). Freight shipping applies.

EQX26 has the ability to route up to 576x576 signals in a compact 26RU frame. The EQX26 frame offers the ability to scale up to a 1152x1152 system without requiring complex, expensive external splitting or use of active DAs for sources or combining and switching of destinations. The expansion capabilities of EQX26 provide peace of mind that the routing matrix can scale up beyond the constraints of a single frame as applications change and grow. All these factors and more make EQX26 most suitable for applications like network and local broadcasters, mobile production, cable, military, government, and corporate applications.

The EQX platform is Evertz' flagship routing and distribution solution, designed for high availability by adopting extensive industry-leading redundancy for all critical system elements. With its time-proven, robust characteristics, EQX is ideal for mission-critical and demanding 24/7 environments.

  • Redundancy of all signals between chassis
  • Path-by-path crosspoint redundancy for all outputs
  • Redundant frame controllers
  • Redundant single point of control
  • Redundant power supplies for both frames
  • Front-loading, hot-swappable I/O cards, crosspoints and frame controllers

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