Ross openGear HDC-8222A HD/SD Monitoring Down Converter & Distribution Amplifier
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For sale is ONE (1) used HDC-8222A board in very good condition. Comes with a corresponding backplane. Actual photos are showed.

The HDC-8222A is a high quality 10-bit, HD-Down Converter with Serial Digital pass-through and individual Aspect Ratio Controls for HD and SD inputs. The HDC-8222A bridges SMPTE 292 high definition (HD) and 259M-C standard definition (SD) signal formats; allowing high density and low power conversion of HD signals

The HDC-8222A will down-convert HD to SD serial component digital and analog composite video. This unit can re-aspect the image with separate rules for HD and SD inputs, and adds 3:2 pull-down to 23.98 progressive segmented frame (pSF) or interlaced (i) inputs. In addition, reticule overlays, for full aperture and safe area, in both 16x9 and 4x3 can be enabled, as well as a center cross-hairs. Reticules can be separately enabled on the SD-SDI and composite outputs

  • Preserves several non-video signals across a down-conversion or aspect ratio conversion
  • Embedded audio is de-embedded at the input, delayed appropriately, and then embedded at the output, in the new format
  • Timecode signals, as D-VITC (SMPTE 266M) or as ATC (RP188), are extracted, delayed the appropriate amount, and then embedded in the output video
  • Provides one dual-rate HD/SD-SDI input
  • Provides full color proc-amp control of the output video, with separate controls for Gain, Lift, Saturation, and Color Phase

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