Evertz 7880DM4-LB2-IP DVB-S2/DVB-S Quad Demodulator w/ dual RF single RJ-45 +3RU
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For sale is ONE (1) used 7880DM4-LB2-IP demodulator board in very good condition. Because we have a quantity of these, appearances may vary, but condition is guaranteed to be better or equal to pictured sample. Serial numbers are unique to each unit sold and may be different from one depicted in the photos - we record all serial numbers of all items shipped. If you are looking for any other Evertz modular cards - we probably have them. Thousands of cards available. Check out our inventory.

The 7880DM series is a complete hardware based solution for demodulating digital terrestrial ATSC/8VSB/ ISDB-Tb , QAM/ DVBC/ DVB-C2 cable signals DTV signals or digital DVB-S/S2 satellite signals. With a modular form-factor, the 7880DM represents one of the highest density and most flexible solutions in the industry.

Applications include signal reception for satellite, cable, DTH and IPTV providers, or any other small to large head-end operators who need to receive and distribute local content. The 7880DM can provide ASI and IP output, ideal for turnaround, transcoding, transporting, monitoring or other applications where the received signal remains in the compressed domain. For baseband output, the demodulator may be coupled with an Evertz decoder module, providing a full receiver solution.( for more info, check CRP-9000 platform for SDI decoding)

  • Modular design, allowing flexible configurations along with easy system reconfiguration and service
  • Available two DVB-CI slots for conditional access modules ( 7880DM2-LB2 version)
  • Signal quality monitoring, including MER, BER and TR101- P1 errors

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