Evertz 3000MVP 64Ch HD/SD Multiviewer 8x 3001MVP-OV-HSN XLINK Inputs PPMX16-4G
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For sale is ONE (1) used MPV 3000 series multiviewer unit. It is a 64 channels unit. Has 8x input cards capable HD/SD - backplanes are in form of Xlink, and 4G output board. Frame comes with both power supplies and frame controller. All corresponding backplanes are included. We test cards individually in our bench setup so you may want to set the system using internal (build in the output card) or external server (our bench setup). Good cosmetic condition with some normal wear and tear and some dents on top of chassis. Actual photos are showed. If you are looking for any other Evertz modular cards - we probably have them. Thousands of cards available. Check out our inventory.

The MVP® revolutionizes the multi-display marketplace with a highly flexible, intuitive and simple yet comprehensive approach to virtual wall monitor applications. The possibility of displaying any input signal to any output monitor can now be realized without the need for DAs or upstream monitor routers

  • 64 Input Channels HD/SD
  • Auto-sensing HD/SD/Analog video input on the same BNC
  • Expandable - frame not limited to a maximum number of inputs per system - cumulative bandwidth
  • Highest quality video images - single pass processing
  • Not a frame limited architecture - PLink™ interconnects and Ethernet control; does not exhibit PCI bandwidth limitations

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