Evertz Xenon XE4-FR 32x32 3G/HD Router XE–IP32-3G XE–X-OP32-3G-XLINK, FC 2x PS
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For sale is ONE (1) used XE4-FR 32x32 3G/HD router in good condition. 1x Input card with same 1x output one. Frame controller is included, 2x power supplies. BNC input and Xlink/din output backplanes. Actual photos are showed. Power cords are not included unless otherwise mentioned. If you are looking for any other Evertz modular cards - we probably have them. Thousands of cards available. Check out our inventory.

The Xenon allows any mix of formats within a frame in independent blocks of 32x inputs or outputs. Any of the supported formats, 3G/HD/SD/AES/analog can be expanded to fill an entire 128x128 frame. Additionally the Xenon supports optical routing from 3Mb/s to 3Gb/s in blocks of 32x inputs or outputs.

By offering a format–independent data path, the Xenon supports signals from 3Mb/s all the way up to 3Gb/s including SD–SDI, HD–SDI, 3G–SDI, DVB–ASI, digital video formats as well as optical formats and other high data rate signals.

  • Multiple signal formats within a single frame
  • All outputs can switch in one TV frame
  • Q-Link, Ethernet and RS-485 control interfaces

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