Evertz 7812DCDA2Q-3G-AA Dual Channel 3G/HD Down-Converting DAw/ Analog Audio Out
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For sale is ONE (1) used 7812DCDA2Q-3G-AA board in very good condition. Because we have a quantity of these, appearances may vary, but condition is guaranteed to be better or equal to pictured sample. Serial numbers are unique to each unit sold and may be different from one depicted in the photos - we record all serial numbers of all items shipped. If you are looking for any other Evertz modular cards - we probably have them. Thousands of cards available. Check out our inventory.

The 7812DCDA2Q is a high density, dual path down-converter with integrated distribution amplifiers. -HD versions convert common HD/SMPTE 292 video signals to common SD/SMPTE 259M video signals. -3G versions support common 3G/SMPTE 424M inputs. Each processing path simultaneously provides re-clocked copies of program inputs and SD program outputs. These modules support frame synchronization and external genlock inputs (card or frame reference) for video timing adjustments.

SD program outputs are configurable to be either NTSC/PAL or SMPTE 259M compliant. High quality and color frame locked NTSC/PAL outputs are generated using 12 bit composite encoders. High quality and sharp SD outputs are generated using Evertz’s proprietary scaling technology. These modules provide standard as well as user defined ARC modes. The 7812DCDA2Q series also supports AFD (SMPTE 2016) based steering of ARC modes and can stamp AFD signals on output video. Transitions between ARC modes based on AFD metadata are frame accurate and glitch free.

Embedded audio on incoming video signals is de-embedded (16 channels) and reembedded onto the SD outputs with audio delay matching video delay. Additional audio delay is also available. Audio proc is supported including per channel audio gain, channel swapping and inversion controls. Surround sound (5.1 PCM) to stereo (LtRt or LoRo) down-mixes are supported. With -AA variants, 4x analog audio outputs are available for each processing path.

  • High quality down-conversion of common HD/SMPTE 292M video signals to common SD/SMPTE 259 video signals
  • Support for common 3G/SMPTE 424M video inputs (-3G versions)
  • Dual path processing within a single module
  • DA outputs and SD PGM outputs per processing path
  • Integrated frame synchronization capabilities
  • Support for card reference or 7800FR FRAME REF
  • Support for 16 channels embedded audio
  • RGB color legalization and ITU Rec 709 to ITU Rec 601 color space conversions
  • De-embeds audio from HD input and re-embeds into SD output
  • 4x analog audio outputs per path (-AA version)

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