Evertz 7760CCM-HD HD/SD-SDI Closed Caption CEA-608/CEA-708 Translator, Decoder
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For sale is ONE (1) used 7760CCM-HD closed caption board. Comes with a +3RU backplane. Because we have a quantity of these, appearances may vary, but condition is guaranteed to be better or equal to pictured sample. Serial numbers are unique to each unit sold and may be different from one depicted in the photos - we record all serial numbers of all items shipped. If you are looking for any other Evertz modular cards - we probably have them. Thousands of cards available. Check out our inventory.

The 7760CCM-HD Closed Caption module is a CEA-608 to CEA-708 closed caption translator, decoder and analyzer that extends the signal monitoring capabilities of the Evertz® monitoring product line by focusing on closed captions and extended data services (XDS). The 7760CCM-HD has the capability to translate CEA-608 closed captions to CEA-708 closed captions, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for both caption domains. The module supports the ability to format closed caption data into SMPTE 333M or Grand Alliance format for RS-232 closed caption transfer.

The auto-detecting program input supports both high and standard definition video formats, and comes equipped with a bypass relay, which will maintain the program path in the event of a power failure.

The 7760CCM-HD provides both a CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed caption decoder. The 7760CCM-HD also provides a detailed and comprehensive status display to the current state of the closed caption data. This status display can inform operators quickly if an error was detected.

  • CEA-608 to CEA-708 closed caption translator
  • Support for SMPTE ST 333-1 and Grand Alliance Protocol for convenient interface to ATSC Encoders
  • Built in bypass relay on program video output path
  • Auto-detecting SMPTE ST 259-1-C and SMPTE ST 292-1 program video input
  • Monitoring output decodes and displays CEA-608 or CEA-708 closed captions
  • XDS packet insertion onto the program video output
  • Broadcast flag insertion

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